Bob Terrance Saunders

Business, Entrepreneurship, Travel, Hospitality

Bob Terrance Saunders is Bahamas-based Night Manager of the Dunmore Hotel, a cozy hotel just off of the beautiful beaches of Harbour Island. He has lived in and around the area for his entire life, and knows the ins and outs of the islands like the back of his hand. Bob has been working in the hospitality industry for almost 15 years, working at the Dunmore for most of that time. Here, he provides for visitors with both his insider knowledge and his wealth of experience in hospitality.

Bob started working at the Dunmore Hotel in 2007, when he started his role as an Executive Assistant Manager. He reported directly to the General Manager, and oversaw all operations for both day and night shifts. His role included staffing, complaints, policy and procedure, as well as revenue. For instance, Mr. Saunders was responsible for improving staff retention by 85%. He also improved guest satisfaction through innovative new programs.

The success that Bob Terrance Saunders saw in this role led him to a promotion in 2010, when he took on the roles of Night Duty Manager. He continues in this role to this day, ensuring that guests are well taken care of throughout their evenings and nights at the Dunmore Hotel. He continued to improve guest satisfaction by developing new initiatives that help quickly resolve the rare guest complaint.
Bob Terrance Saunders’ experience goes beyond hands-on experience, as he spent years studying and earning degrees which support his role. In 2017, he graduated from the Atlantic International University with a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Administration/Management. He immediately continued on to earn his Master’s in Hospitality Management, focusing on Human Resources. This education informs his decisions and choices as a manager every day, guiding him to the proven success even as his personal knowledge helps refine these choices.

He also completed professional training at the Harbour Island’s Rock House, a nearby boutique hotel. His training here showed him a new perspective on smaller hotel management, and how important a personalized experience can be for guests. This focus on personalized care and experience has been responsible for the hotel’s growth under his care.

He has grown more and more interconnected with hotel and the local community over the years. He donated his personal 22-foot hunter racing sailboat to the Harbour Island Sailing Club to promote interest and passion for the sport. Bob Terrance Saunders’ personal ties to the community have also led him to participate in community emergency fundraising outreach on the island.

As a hospitality professional, Bob Terrance Saunders has grown immensely in a short amount of time, and he has built this growth on the back of a wealth of experience of management. His proven ability to develop new initiatives and programs for the benefit of the hotel and guests continues to shine through in his managerial roles. Bob’s impressive level of success in this role will only continue to grow in the years to come, providing the Harbour Island with a shining new gem of tourism and hospitality.